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The Hiring Plan

The primary reason for developing a hiring plan is to have all of your information dealing with the hiring new employees in one place. What your hiring plan needs to consist of is everything that you intend to do to hire new blood into the company effectively and efficiently. Take a look at our helpful hints!

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Firing Employees

If you are an employer who doesn’t want to get hit with a wrongful termination lawsuit, you have to be careful about a few things when it comes to firing an employee. Here’s what you need to look out for...more

Temp Employees

It often happens that a company might need a person or two to fill a position for a few months or for a project that they are working on. A temp sounds like the perfect solution as a lot of advantages come with the package. But so do disadvantages. Find out more.

Sexual Harassment

A sexual harassment lawsuit can give a company a black eye faster than a punch. What results after a lawsuit can close a company down. The only way to prevent this is to have strong and irrevocable policies concerning sexual behavior in the workplace...more

Worker’s Compensation

Companies dealing with on the job injuries spent over $100 billion dollars last year alone. You may not be able to prevent this but you can learn how to protect your company against spending too much money and avoiding lawsuits

Beyond Sexual Discrimination

Despite what we may think we know, there is a lot more to illegal discrimination than just sex.

Payroll System

Every business needs to setup a payroll system to operate effectively. Without one you open yourself to audits by the IRS and they can be a very unforgiving organization. Here’s some tips on how to set up a payroll system.

When the Talented Become Scarce

Sometimes, it just seems like all the good employees out there have disappeared. Where have they all gone? More importantly, how can you get them back?

Protecting Your Employees Against Online Recruiting

Due to the increase in online recruiting, it is easier to find new employees on the Internet but it is getting harder and harder to maintain them these days. A lot of companies today are seeking help in this arena, and we would like to offer you some solutions.

Defining Exempt and Non-Exempt Employees

A lot of people are confused as to what makes an employee exempt or non-exempt. It’s an important issue for both the employers and the employees. Find out more here!

Stock Options

A great way to acquire and retain talented and skilled employees is to offer them stock options. There are two types of employee stock options available today. Find out more about them!

Scheduling Payday

The time periods for a pay schedule vary from state to state. The amount of time you have before paying an employee for a set period of time also varies. Find out the rules when it comes to payroll schedule.

Screening Prospects for Drug Use

Testing potential employees for drug use is not as easy as it sounds. You can’t just go up to an employee and ask him or her to submit to a drug test, especially if they already work for you. Everyone has legal rights to privacy and your actions can be seen as discriminatory.

Strategic Staffing

Strategic staffing is a solution to the challenges of tax accounting during the tax season whereby an efficient and cost-effective mixture of fulltime and temporary employees are utilized during busier times of the business year?

Hiring from the Internet

In keeping up with the world of today and preparing yourself for the world of tomorrow, there are two major ideas that all experienced recruiters of yesterday need to adapt to in order to thrive in the present and future recruiting worlds?

Employee Compensation Packages

With perks like day care centers, swimming pools, kennels, cappuccino machines, free lunches and dinners, massages, gyms, etc available to employees in the corporate world, potential employees are looking to work in an environment that is most comfortable to them. What should you offer?

Legal Causes for Laying off Employees

You can’t fire people based on the way they look, smell, act, and behave as long as they are staying within company policy and doing their job competently. Reasons that concern someone’s race, sex, and physical attributes are seen as ground for wrongful termination lawsuits against the company. Find out what are considered legally binding reasons for firing an employee.

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