Protecting Your Employees Against Online Recruiting

It’s a good idea for many companies who are seeking employees for certain tasks that very few highly trained and skilled persons can do to search for a potential online. The Internet has made it very easy to find the right person for the job. You no longer need to wait by the phone for the right people to call you. You can go out there on the Internet and find the right person within ten minutes. There is a major drawback that came along when recruiting started being conducted online. Now that the Internet has made searching and negotiating so simple, many people who may not have had the time or inclination to look beyond their current employer for employment opportunities during the pre-Internet recruiting era are actively seeking opportunities with other companies. Hence, many businesses have been losing as many employees as they have gained due to online recruiting. It is easy to find new employees, but it is getting harder and harder to maintain them these days. A lot of companies today are seeking help in this arena, and we would like to offer you some solutions.

The first thing you need to do is to hire a person or two, and make it their sole duty to filter all the email and phone calls that come into your company for recruiting purposes. Most companies out there have hired recruiters, who like private detectives, try to sneak into your company directories and personnel information to seek out the perfect employee for their company. Advise your employees to not use the Internet at work to look for jobs. The telephone calls can be better monitored by secretaries and receptionists, who should have instructions to not forward any cold calls.

The second thing you need to do, which will probably help you retain your skilled employees, is offer incentives. Offer them job-related courses packages or some kind of compensation for college level courses. Offer them paid vacations or use of the company account at getaways. Help them put their kids through school. Try to talk to them everyday and find out about their needs. Remember, an employee that knows that you care would think twice about leaving for another company that he doesn’t know anything about. The reason many people are leaving for the new dot com companies is because they offer greater freedom as supervisors are not breathing down your neck. Try to create the same kind of environment if you want to keep your employees.

Third is to be selective about whom you hire. You don’t want to place an individual who likes to move every year from company to company or whose sole motivation is money into an important position. Remember one bad apple can infect the whole basket. You want to hire people who are loyal and honest and that will help build your business.

The best defenses against online recruiters are to build a good security system at work. Don’t let cold calls through and don’t let the employees post and send their resumes from work. Try to talk to your employees everyday about their value and importance to the company. Try to create a sense of loyalty in your employees and love for the company by showing them you care and offering them incentives. Try building day care centers and kennels at your work place or nearby that will help create conveniences for your employees. Remember in today’s business world, no employees are safe from recruiters but the one thing that you can do is instill the idea of comfort and happiness within the workplace.