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You may register only if you are a tax professional or an accountant (i.e. CPA, enrolled agent, tax attorney, public accountant, tax preparer etc.
If you join now, for a limited time, you will get one year free membership).


Benefits of Professional Membership

Ivdgl membership provides a tremendous value that will save you thousands of dollars throughout the years and earn you money as well. We are the only web site that provides services to the tax consumer, tax professionals and the business in the tax industry. We believe this is important because it leads to a establishing the most comprehensive online tax community and the most advance knowledge management center. The professional edition is developed by keeping your needs in mind.

By joining Ivdgl Professional Site, you will get the following benefits:

  • Advertising – Professionals will receive exposure to millions of potential new clients, name recognition on potentially dozens of locations on the Ivdgl Consumer Site, and more. Professionals will have their own five to seven-page website that they can use to advertise their current practice.
  • Communications – Professionals will get Ivdgl’s Ask a Question, I-Communicate, Message Boards, chat rooms and many more ways to interact with new clients, current associates, and other professionals;
  • Community – Ivdgl Professional Site is the only place on the Internet designed to foster professional-to-professional interaction;
  • Recruiting – Ivdgl Professional Site is the only place on the Internet dedicated to professionals working in the tax industry. Other sites charge thousands of dollars a year for a few listings;
  • Tax Resources – Professionals will have access to the most comprehensive tax resource center on the internet, developed using an Electronic Performance Support System Methodology.
  • Professional development – Professionals will have thousands of resources on many topics designed to teach professionals how to serve their clients and themselves better. Professional members will also get access to online classes for a discount;
  • Many other benefits…

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