We may not turn you into a better investor, but we'll help you pay less taxes on your investments.

Shareholder tips

Mutual Fund Terminology - Any distribution of money you receive from a mutual fund is usually a capital gain distribution, an exempt interest dividend, nontaxable return of capital, or an ordinary dividend.

Investment Seminars: deductibility of travel expenses - Investors cannot deduct costs they incur when attending conventions, seminars, or similar meetings at which they obtain information that helps them plot strategies.

Investment Highlights

Tax Credit for Foreign Taxes on Overseas Investments - If you paid anything over $300 for a single filer and over $600 for a joint filer in foreign taxes, you have to file Form 1116 with the IRS. But if you paid less then these amounts in foreign taxes....more

Tax Tips for Bonds - Paying taxes on taxable bonds can be a little tricky for many people. The IRS in their own right like to help out people with taxes, even going as far as to make suggestions on how to they can save in taxes...more

Lessening the Tax Burden While Contributing Stock to Charity - Many people like to give to the poor, but like all things related to money, taxes are something always coming to mind even when you are doing charitable work.The reasoning behind that is in order to give money, you need to have money....more

Investment Basics

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Mutual Funds

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Mutual Fund Terminology
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Setting Up a Trust for Your Heirs
Lump Sum Pensions Payouts

Stocks & Bonds

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Tax Credit for Foreign Taxes on Overseas Investments
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