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Tax Filing
Get all of the forms & tables you need to complete your year 2000 taxes, plus contact info for your local IRS office.
IRS Contact Info
Online Filing
Tax Forms
Tax Tables
Tax News
Get all the latest news & tax codes. Learn how it affects you and your taxes.

Breaking News
Tax Legislation
Tax News Archive
Ask a Question
Do you have any Questions? Find a professional. Get answers from professionals from around the country three different ways:
I-Mail (Free), I-Chat (Free), I-Call
Find a Professional
Tax Resouces
Get all your answers to tax credits & deductions...Use our Tax Tips section to get quick help ful hints on common problems.
Tax Glossary
Tax FAQs
Tax Credits
Tax Deductions
Tax Tips
Tax Basics
Tax Filer Types
Need information on doing your taxes under special circumstances. We've packaged up everything you need in separate views to help you along.
First Timers
In a Crisis
Investor Tax Center
Overnight or Over-a-Century... Find out here how to keep more and give the IRS less.
Mutual Funds
Stocks & Bonds
Business Taxes
Learn more about how taxes effect your small business, and how it affects different kinds of corporations.
Corporate News
Intro to Corporate Taxes
Small Business Accounting
Terminology Overview
Life Events & Taxes
How to deal with taxes in our everyday lives. From planning your wedding until retirement.
Death & Taxes
Education & Taxes
Immigration & Taxes
International Tax Law
Marriage & Taxes
Real Estate & Taxes
Retirement & Taxes
Tax Trouble
Think your going to be audited this year? Find out your chances, and what to do if you are.
Learn About Taxes
How many types of Tax Professionals are there? How do I pick a good one? All these questions are answered and more...
Tax Ha~Ha
Read & Submit Jokes, Quotes and Horror Stories. Above all you must have fun here especially if it's at the IRS' expense!
Tax Horror Stories
Tax Humor
Tax Quotes
State Taxes
Need information about taxes in the state you live/work in. We have compiled all the links you need to complete your state taxes.
Message Center
From Message Boards to your own personal E-Mail, become part of the Ivdgl community, interacting with other consumers & professionals.
Consumer Chat
Career Center
Whether your looking to start a career as a Tax Professional or looking for a better job... We have everything you need to succeed.
Tax Game
If only to prove that Taxes can be fun, we are creating a game that will tickle you funny bone and twist your brain!
Products & Reviews
Whether your looking for tax software or you want to give your opinion on the one you have...
Tax Calculators
Our calculators can help you speed up your life, not only during tax season, but all year round.
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