Social Security and Social Security Benefits

Lost Social Security Checks

If your monthly Social Security checks are lost or stolen, you should report this immediately to the Social Security office. Social Security office will issue a stop  payment on that check and will reissue a replacement check to you. You should receive replacement checks within 15 days.

Social Security will want an explanation of why you think your Social Security check is lost or stolen rather than misplaced. If you have misplaced your check, Social Security will not take immediate action.

If you found your lost or stolen Social Security checks

If you found  your lost Social Security check before your replacement check is issued, you must notify Social Security immediately. You can cash the Social Security check you found. If the replacement check comes to you anyway, you must return it to Social Security. When Social Security put a stop payment on a check, it usually takes at least a few weeks to be effective. So, if you found your lost Social Security check in a week or two of reporting it lost or stolen, you should still be able to cash it.

If your Social Security check does not come

Usually Social Security checks are on time. However, each month, thousands of people across the US do not receive their Social Security checks when due.

If you have not received your first Social Security check within one month of the time it is due, you should cal your Social Security office and find out when you can expect your Social Security check. Some cases are handled by computer. Others are done manually. If your case is done by the computer, you will receive your Social Security check faster. Your Social Security office will be able to tell you approximate time to expect your Social Security check.

If you have not received your first Social Security check within 90 daysfrom the day you gave Social Security all documents, you have the right to an expedited payment.

Three day wait

Unless your  Social Security check is lost or stolen, you should wait 3 days before contacting Social Security if your Social Security check has not arrived when it is supposed to. This is because, unless you can convince Social Security that your check is lost or stolen, Social Security will not do anything for 3 days. Social Security procedures require them to wait 3 days before issuing a replacement check. If you notify Social Security of non-receipt of Social Security checks, Social Security will send you a form to fill out for a replacement check.