Social Security and Social Security Benefits

Social Security Checks

Social Security checks are issued by the Treasury Department on regular green government checks. Social Security benefits are not assignable and are not subject to attachment or levy by creditors.

Your first Social Security check comes in a month

When you apply for Social Security benefits, you may be required to submit documents to prove that you are eligible to the Social Security benefits you have applied for. Once you have submitted everything that Social Security requires, you should receive your first social security check in about a month. One month is the average processing time for Social Security. However, sometimes, you may receive your Social Security check in 10 -15 days. Other times, it may take as long as a few months.

Advance application will not speed up your first check

If you apply for Social Security benefits before you became eligible, you will not receive your Social Security check until you are eligible. About a month after you  have applied for Social Security benefits, you can call your local District office to find out when you can expect your first Social Security check to arrive.

Monthly Social Security checks

After you applied for Social Security benefits and are approved, you will receive your Social Security checks monthly. Social Security checks are paid one month in arrears. That means your June check is for Social Security benefits you received in May. The checks are paid on the 3rd day of the month unless the third is a weekend or a holiday. If the third is a weekend or a holiday, then the check will be paid before the third of the month. 

Direct deposit your Social Security benefits

Social Security checks can be direct deposited into your bank account. In order to be  paid by Social Security electronically, you have to fill out a from at your bank. Your bank will notify Social Security of the request. It can take up to 3 months for direct deposit to start. However, if direct deposit is still not set up in 3 months, you should take a copy of the direct deposit form you filled out at the bank to the Social Security District office. The District office can input the detail of your direct deposit request on their computer.