How to deal with taxes in our everyday lives. From buying your first home to retirement.

Uncovering Hubby's Hidden Assets - Divorces can be expensive, from fees for attorneys or expert witnesses to appraisals of homes, businesses or other assets. And the costs soar when couples take to the courts.

New Tax Breaks For Home Sellers - A revamping of the Internal Revenue Code in 1997 included provisions that significantly revise the tax breaks for real estate, particularly the way home owners figure the taxes on sales of their dwellings.

Social Security and Medicare Taxes for Non-Resident Aliens - Anyone with F-1, J-1, M-1 or Q-1 visas entering the country as a nonresident aliens are exempt from paying Social Security and Medicare taxes if they perform the services that they were admitted to United States for. A foreign student under the F-1 visa is not allowed to get a job off campus...more

Getting Ready for Single Parenthood - Unfortunately, after a divorce decree has been finalized, many single parents will find that they are paying more in income taxes now than when they were married. This is usually because rather than being able to file as married filing jointly...more

Advantages of Personal Residence Trusts - A qualified personal residence trust is effective when you do not want your home or vacation home considered part of your estate. This helps you to depreciate the value of your estate, therefore helping to lessen the estate taxes your heirs will be....more

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Joint-Return Rates for "Surviving Spouses"
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Social Security and Medicare Taxes for Non-Resident Aliens
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