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Filing Your C Corporation Taxes
Corporations are taxed as entities separate from their individual owner. If you are not incorporated and your business is doing well and making a lot of money....more

Understanding Limited Partnerships
Limited partnerships are very different from general partnerships. In certain areas, limited partnerships are seen to combine the best parts of a partnership and a corporation....more

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Cafeteria Plans -The IRS has begun to take a look at benefit plans of workers,commonly known as cafeteria plans. Many issues have plagued the development of these programs for various reasons. One of the main issues is that once a worker chooses the plan and he sets it up, he can’t change it again...more

Small Business Health Care Issues - As the cost of the health coverage skyrockets, small business owners who sometimes share as much as 80% of the bill with their employees are scratching their heads.They are looking for solutions to the problem, but there don’t seem to be any except one....more

Tax Consequences of Terminating a Partnership -In the eyes of the IRS, a partnership is terminated when all its operations are discontinued and no part of any business, financial operation, or venture is continued by any of its partners in a partnership OR at least 50% of the total interest in partnership capital...more

Tax Repercussions of Trading Property for Stock - It might seem like a great idea at first but there is a very strict rule involved at the center of trading properties for stock. You don’t want to be paying taxes on the stock that you just bought or the property you just traded in....more