Everyone has a type, knowing yours can save you money in the long run. Following are some tax filer types that provide information on doing your taxes under special circumstances.

For those filing taxes for the first time and the rest of us who need to brush up on "Paying Taxes 101".

Making the right investment requires alot of intuition. Use the same foresight to make the right decisions about your taxes.

Advice on how to effectively use all the tax breaks available for your business.

You are about to be audited, do you know everything you need to know?

Learn how to shield your corporate earnings from high taxation. Read the articles in this section to find out what factors contribute and make the difference in the end.

Good news you made a lot of money this year, bad news half of it went to the IRS!

Here you will find information on how to file your taxes as a single mother.

There are a few things that all farmers should be aware of. Read the articles here to make sure you know what they are.

Did you know that all your tax liability can be forgiven for not only this year but the year before and the year after...more here