Single Mothers

Household Employees

Anyone, who performs specific duties for you in your home, following your instructions and using the equipment provided by you for them to use, this makes he/she is your household employee. Anyone who follows instructions from an agency or offers services through their own small business is not a household employee.

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Knowing Your Filing Status

Knowing your filing status helps you in determining your tax deductions and credits plus if you owe any taxes to the government. Using this information wisely can yield a lot of benefits for the taxpayer....more

Special Rules for Claiming Exemptions for Dependents

You can usually claim an exemption for a dependent if he/she lives with you for the whole calendar year and you supported them for that year by providing food, clothes, medical expenses, etc...more

How to Fill out Your W-4?

You've most likely filled out at least W-4 forms in your life. The W-4 is the form that employers use to determine how much in taxes should be withheld from your paycheck. You usually get it when you start a new job...more

Saving Taxes with the Home Office

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Tax-free, Tax-deffered, and Taxable investments

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 has changed the way we look at the investment landscape. The wise way to invest is to keep taxes in the back of your mind so when it comes time to pay them, you don't kick yourself for ignoring them

Reasons for Getting Audited

Statistically speaking, the odds of being chosen for an audit are low. The IRS does not have the resources and manpower necessary to examine all the returns that they receive, so it selects those that they believe have a high audit potential, or in other words, those that are most likely to result in large tax deficiencies that will reap the IRS a lot in monetary benefits

Getting Ready for Single Parenthood

unfortunately, after a divorce decree has been finalized, many single parents will find that they are paying more income tax now than before while they were married. This is usually because rather than being able to file as...

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