Tax Tips

Ten Last-Minute Reminders

Some tips to make tax time as stress-free as possible.

Watch out for These Common Mistakes come Tax Season

Don't miss these tips! These common mistakes could cost you now and for tax seasons to come!

Tax Saving Strategies for the Self-Employed

This section contains tips on deducting health insurance premiums and other need-to-know tax tips. more...

How to Fill Out Your W-4?

Strive to be accurate. You may face a $500 penalty if you end up having too little tax withheld! If you don't file this form with your employer, the employer will have to withhold taxes at the highest rate!...more

Tips on Avoiding an Audit

If you are are an independent contractor, computer consultant, real-estate agent, doctor, lawyer or accountant, you are at a higher risk for an audit. You also may be at risk if you...more

Tax Saving Strategies for Business Owners

Consider establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). An ESOP can be beneficial in diversifying your investment portfolio if you own a business. A properly funded ESOP should allow you to sell shares with no current tax liability...

Hints for High-Income Individuals

Consider withdrawing retirement funds early. Large retirement account balances left behind when you die may be subject to both estate and income taxes. These taxes can significantly reduce the balance left to your heirs?

HInts for Investors

Investing in small business stock can be a good idea. This is because if you realize a capital gain after holding the stock for more than five years, 50% of the gain may be excluded when you sell or exchange the stock?

Tax debt Solutions

Be aware that procrastinating and delaying your income tax return can result in penalties, fines and interest charges that can sometimes mount up to be unpayable by the avearge person.