What is Farm Income?

Farm income is the amount you make working on a farm either as a farmer or a tenant. The work might include cultivating, operating, and managing it. The farm can be a dairy, poultry, fruit, stock, fish, and truck farm.

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Important Dates to Follow for Farmers

Farming is just like any other business. The value of good record keeping can’t be stressed enough. If you need to pay someone $200 a week to keep track of all the money being spent and how it’s being spent you won’t make a better investment the whole year, it’s better than being audited and going to the tax court...more

Forms that Most Farmers have to File

There are few tax forms that every farmer has to file with the IRS to report his income, claim deductions, and etc. We have compiled a list that we hope you will find helpful...more

The Purpose of Recordkeeping

Every business that we know of thrives on good record keeping. Without it you cannot expect to survive in today’s world. Farming like any other business has to maintain good records for review over time especially when you are filing your taxes...more

Determining an Accounting Method for Income and Expenses

Every farmer needs to have an accounting period, a tax year, which can be either a calendar year or a fiscal year. Calendar year ends in December and Fiscal year ends in any month of the year except December...more

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