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Attracting an Auditor

If you told someone that if they put there hands close enough to the fire they would burn their fingers, they would wait for you to leave and then put their hands in the fire to see if you were telling the truth. Humans are capable of doing the most irrational things in the world. Preparing their taxes in a way that would guarantee an audit is one of them.

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If You Are Prosecuted for Tax Fraud

Once the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS has investigated you and they have recommended you to the Justice Department for prosecution, there are three crimes you may be charged with: tax evasion, filing a false return, or not filing a tax return at all. Find out what penalties are associated which each....more

Criminal Investigation Division

The CID is the IRS police force and is divided into two factions, General Enforcement (for ordinary taxpayers) and Special Enforcements (to target unions, crime and drugs.) The frightening aspect of the CID is...more

The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

To ensure that the IRS does not abuse their authority to collect taxes, Congress enacted the first Taxpayers' Bill of Rights. Find out what rights you, as a taxpayer, have when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service...more

Tips for Handling the IRS Notice

Every year the IRS sends out millions of notices to taxpayers. That means you have a 35% chance of receiving one! If you have ever been the unlucky recipient of one of these notices, then you know just how indecipherable and intimidating they can be...more.

General Errors by the IRS

Fact of the matter is the IRS may make up to ten million errors this year, and one of them may affect you! Most of these errors occur for simple and recurring reasons and knowing where the IRS is coming from in making their claims can help you to rectify the situation.

Appealing an Audit

Are you aware that the act of appealing is neither time-consuming nor costly, and better still, the chances of you winning your appeal are excellent!

Deception Vs. Oversight

It's been determined that something is askew with your tax return. Was it your willful intent to defraud the government or did you simply make a non deliberate mistake? Find out what the enormous difference between tax fraud and a simple oversight can mean for you.

The Non-Tax Paying Crowd

It is a crime to not file a tax return with the IRS if you owe money in taxes. If the IRS believes you did not file in an effort to evade taxes, you may be charged with a felony, which could carry a fine up to $100,000 or a maximum of 5 years in jail.

What Goes on During An Audit?

Take a look at what you can expect at your audit and how you can best prepare yourself for the ensuing battle! Arm yourself with our useful hints and tips.

The Audit

There are three types of audits that you may be subjected to, field audits, office audits and correspondence audits. Find out the rules of each and which would be most beneficial for your position.

Reasons for Getting Audited

Want to know what not to do to get yourself a visit from the IRS? Take a look at our list of mistakes and oversights that can lead to an audit.

Following the Audit

The audit is finally over and you lived through it! Not so fast. There is still a very important issue at hand to ponder, to agree or not to agree with the tax auditor's assessment of your situation.

Different Types of Assessment Notices

Different assessment notices are sent by the IRS to inform you of a variety of mistakes or discrepencies with your tax return. Let us decipher the complex tax lingo and finally understand your particular assessment notice is trying to tell you.

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Tax FAQs

FAQs Relating to Audits

>Am I more likely to be audited because I have an expensive car or house? What is the Taxpayers' Bill of Rights? Is there an appeals process for an audit? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

Tax Tips

Tips on Avoiding Audits

>Did you know that the three groups most heavily targeted by the IRS for audits are the self-employed (especially sole proprietors), anyone in show business or the entertainment industry and employees with unreimbursed business expenses?

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