Human Resources:

Getting the Most Out of a Temp Worker

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a temporary employee. You walk into a new company and you know find out where your desk is. The minute you sit down, a supervisor walks up to you and gives you a list of things to be done by the end of day and then walks away without giving you any instructions. You feel like the zookeeper who took care of monkeys for ten years and then one day you are thrown in the cage with the tigers and are asked to feed them.

Soliciting work from someone is not easy in the same way giving someone work is not as simple as it sounds.You have to an eye out for a few things when you are giving someone work to do, especially a temp.

  • Let the temp agency know in advance that you need someone. By letting them know in advance you can secure yourself the best workers.
  • Sometimes your present employees can recommend the best temp workers. Always let them know when you are in need and reward them for good suggestions.
  • Not letting your present employee know about new help coming in can create unfounded insecurities. They may feel you are overhauling the company and changing things around.
  • Setup space for the new temp before he or she arrives so they can start working.
  • Communicate with one of your supervisors about the new temp showing up and how to deal with them. Let them know why you hired them and what you expect from them.
  • Similarly let the temp know what you expect from them. Every thing from companies policies to the how the current project should be handled.
  • Give the new temp some time to get their shoes wet. Don’t expect progress in the same day they show up for work.
  • Ask your supervisors to always treat the temps with respect and guide them for the first week or so in how the company works and if they have any questions. Try to do this a few times a day because this can help resolve any miscommunications that may take place.

A temporary worker is a great candidate for a full-time position. With the right communication with the temporary employee, you can find out about their aspirations and the skills that you didn’t know they had. They might be perfect for a job that you have been looking to fill. Never underestimate the value of trusting somebody and asking him or her to place trust in you. That is the only way you can get the most out of people.