Importance of Building Relations With a Temp Agency

The most important part of your business, when you constantly require skilled and trained professionals to come in do their job and leave, is your relationship with a temp agency. Try using only one so you can get acquainted with all of their workers and build the right relationship with them. This will help you receive the best temporary workers for your needs in the long run. It’s hard to keep good people working for you and it’s even harder to keep them these days with the competitor’s recruiters breathing down your best employees’ necks. In tight situations, temp agencies are sometimes your best help for getting good professionals.

Speak to your temp agency on a weekly basis. Even though you may not need someone right away, just stay in contact with your representative on a friendly basis. This way, they will watch out for you when you need someone immediately. Do not wait until the last minute to call them when you are need for a temporary employee. Even someone who you have established a strong business relationship with will be unable to arrange for someone who will meet your professional needs overnight. Always give yourself sometime in advance to call a temp agency.

Inform your temp agency for the amount of time you will need to contract the employee’s services for. If you don’t know exactly, don’t shortchange yourself by estimating a lesser time frame. It’s better to have someone stay a day or two extra than to have to replace someone midway through a project. When specifying a time limit, also discuss the qualifications of the temporary employee that you need. Tell them every attribute that you are looking for in an employee. In addition, if they aren’t already familiar with such things, be sure to inform them about all the company policies and rules. You don’t want the employee who shows up to be completely in the dark about the dress code.

You will not always receive the best help. We are all human and we make mistakes. If the temporary employee they sent over the last time was inadequate, you should be sure to make the temp agency aware of this fact. A lot of people lie on their resumes and many can even slip through the interview process. If a person lied to the temporary agency to get a job, you can save someone else the agony of finding out and inform the agency about him. At the same time, don’t expect someone to walk in and start working great. It just doesn’t happen. You have to remember that a temp worker is joining a new company and sometimes it takes a while to get acquainted with everything, such as where the files are located and how you do business compared with other companies. So prepare to give the new temporary employee the tour of the office and instructions on how you want the work done. A mini orientation doesn’t hurt anyone and saves time and money in the long run.