Looking for Jobs on Online Career Websites

Right now, the best places for employers who are looking to hire employees off the Internet are two websites, and But many employers have complained that they don’t really get quality responses from the people and that advertising on these sites can be somewhat costly. Besides using career websites, another good place to advertise is in local papers. The ads you place in the classified section usually end up on the newspaper’s online version. You don’t really pay extra for these ads and it’s not as costly as online advertising on hot websites.

Another good website is, which advertises from around 75 newspapers around the country. Many surveys and research done over the years have revealed that the first place that many job seekers look are Sunday newspapers. So for the employer who wants to recruit quality individuals, check out the newspapers in addition to online services like to meet your advertising needs.

One of the reasons for not getting quality responses could be the quality and content of the ad you have placed. Try to have an ad in the paper that is catchy and attracts the individual to your company. Remember, first impressions have a lasting effect. You don’t want to sound dull next to another company that offers about the same benefits does so through more attractive wording. It is also very important not to deceive potential employers through your ads. Never advertise benefits or bonuses that you do not tend to deliver on. Some employers like to promise grand benefits that take about a year to come around. People never like to be deceived. Even though this false advertising might reel the employer in, most employers will not be retained in the long-term as they will not trust the methods of the company.