Human Resources:

When the Talented Become Scarce

Where have all the good ones gone? The answer to the question is simple, where the money is. And these days with the economy booming and new technology companies popping up everywhere, employment is enjoying a healthy rate. No longer can you find people who live in your neighborhood and can come to your business to work. Now a days, there are ten different languages being spoken inside corporations. The reason for all these foreign people is because in order to find the best worker these days, you need to go all across the country if not all the way around the globe.

Workers who live close to you offer you the luxury of working late and on the weekends if needed. An employee who needs to get back to his suburban home one hundred miles away doesn’t provide his employer the same luxury. But the advantage of working close to home is the kind of incentive that can help you find workers, if not the right workers.

The reality is that to get the best man or woman for a job, you would probably have to hire someone a thousand miles away from you. You would have to fly him or her in to interview and then if he or she were the right person for the job, you would have to pay for them to move, which can cost close to fifty thousand dollars. The advantage is that you would find the skills and experience that you were looking for. The employee will help you grow and prosper in the months to come. Everything has a price, and you have to pay if you want the right person these days. Remember, your competitor might be looking for the same person and you may have to fight them for this employee. The perks and the benefits you offer them might be just what the doctor ordered.