Human Resources:

Hiring From the Internet

In case you have been asleep for the past 5 years or so?welcome to the Age of the Internet! As the Internet has had a substantial impact on most businesses, it has also had its way with the recruiting world. Recruiting methods have changed immensely since 50 to 80 million people joined the Internet and started posting their resumes! There are an estimated 16 million resumes online at more than 300 websites as we speak. By 2002, the number of employment websites is expected to grow to an estimated 1,200 sites! Recruiters in all industries now have access to more candidates than ever before, not to mention access to international candidates who were out of reach of the old-school recruiters hands. By 2001, it is expected that around 96% of all companies will use the Internet as their primary recruiting tool.

In keeping up with the world of today and preparing yourself for the world of tomorrow, there are two major ideas that all experienced recruiters of yesterday need to adapt to in order to thrive in the present and future recruiting worlds. The first idea is that positions that need to be filled have become very unique in nature. No longer are companies looking for generic people who can be trained. Jobs now a days require specific skill sets and experience as well as certain certifications, degrees, or backgrounds in a certain area. In response to the uniqueness of the job requirements themselves, unique pay packages and specific benefit plans have come about and recruiters need to learn to revamp their offer packages.

As far as the plentitude of people goes, the process of recruiting is no longer the process of elimination it once had been when there were so many people with interchangeable skills available for all companies. The truth of the matter is that there is and most likely will continue to be a shortage of skilled workers available. Many people have chosen to work for themselves while others only take on jobs on a temporary basis. Therefore, you must dispel the old time recruiting myth that there is and will be an abundance of people to fill necessary positions within the company.

It then follows that one must be familiar with the Internet and capable of efficiently navigating through the plethora of employment related websites. Another important facet of the Internet Age is making sure your corporate Internet site updated and sensitive to a global audience. The perspective employees that will be visiting will not be residing in the same city, state or maybe even country as your resides. Be sure to be aware of this as you develop or reconstruct the site. So much to do, so little time. Once again, welcome to this fast-paced Internet Age!