Human Resources:

The Hiring Plan

The primary reason for developing a hiring plan is to have all of your information dealing with the hiring new employees in one place. These days with the Internet job postings taking over the Sunday newspaper classified ads as the primary resource of job seekers, it’s becoming harder and harder to find or attract the right crowd of potential employees. The market is becoming highly competitive when it comes to advertising your jobs. More and more companies now are trying to outdo each other with ads that have title lines like, "one million bonus – first year." What your hiring plan needs to consist of is everything that you intend to do to hire new blood into the company effectively and efficiently.

What the hiring plan does for your company is organize your efforts. A good hiring plan should include the following:

  1. Job descriptions and expectations of the employers
  2. Personal information on the applicant like his previous job history, medical conditions, prison records, drug abuse, etc.
  3. The applicants step-by-step process from the first phone call to day the applicant steps into the building for training.
  4. Who should conduct the interview? The answer is the right people with right skills who can ascertain the individual’s capabilities for your company.
  5. How to keep a record of all the applications you have received over the year. This database can always be accessed to call up applicants that you might not have needed two months ago but would find useful now.