Human Resources:

Asking the Right Questions from the Interviewee

The interview is the most important part of the hiring process. The one asking the questions, the interviewer, should have excellent listening skills when listening to the answers and making notes of all the relevant things that they notice in that person. This requires planning on your part. First you have to pick the right interviewer. He is going to be representing your company to an outsider. Even if that person is not yet an employee, the impression of the company he leaves with depends entirely on the interviewer. So choose the person who listens well and when he speaks he choose his words wisely. Also an interviewer has to be like a detective, someone who is investigating a potential employee. Everything relevant to skills, education, prior experiences, and background are important factors.

Some keys to choosing the right employee are:

  • Their qualifications in the field that you are looking to hire a person in.
  • Their level of skills, other talents, other courses that they have taken and their experience in them, prior work experience in other companies. Also questions that reveal their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have a list prepared with all the questions. Planning is the mother of success. You can never go wrong when you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Get someone else involved in preparing the list of questions. A second opinion sometimes can mean a lot in writing.
  • Before beginning an interview, inform the interviewee about the way the interview would go and how much time they have and if you will test them on anything.
  • Give them a basic orientation about the company and answer any questions they may have. Remember these days, workers have a lot of choices and you are not the only one thinking about making the right choice today. You must create an attraction about your company and try to play up your strengths.

Lastly, always remember to write down everything that strikes your mind. Later when you are evaluating your notes and making the decision, it helps to have all these facts in front of you.