Coporate View:

Comprehensive Case Resolution for large businesses

Comprehensive Case Resolution is the new pilot program being introduced by the IRS division for (Large and Mid-size businesses in) Appeals. Under this pilot program, after the taxpayer requests for it or volunteers for it by sending in application, a select team of Appeals officers would be selected and assigned to individual cases. Instead of dealing with different operating divisions each month and running around all over the IRS, the same people would solve all the disputes. They would deal with all the cases in a "fair and impartial" way for the taxpayer and the IRS. This would not only speed up settlements but also decrease the frustration on the part of the taxpayer.

The pilot program is open to those corporations or partnerships that have more than $5 million in assets plus have one open cycle in Coordinated examination and one cycle docketed in Counsel or Appeals. These taxpayers would also be asked after resolution to evaluate the program. This program is being offered on temporary basis using no more than 10 taxpayers. The applicants will be chosen by Oct. 31st, 2000.