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Businesses can ask IRS disaster questions (09-20-01)

Many businesses haven’t fully comprehended the financial effects of the disaster on Sept. 11th. Those that have or are arriving at a conclusion are going to have a lot of questions that they might need answers to because a situation like this has never been faced by any of them before. IRS is doing all it can to provide these businesses with the answers that they need.

Text of the IRS news release:

“WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service today activated an electronic mailbox to provide assistance and answers to business taxpayers affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks. Businesses can send their questions to

“Because of the breadth and scope of the tragic events of September 11, taxpayers face many questions,” said IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti. “Businesses can get the answers about extensions and other tax relief stemming from these disasters by e-mailing their questions to us.”

The e-mail address was established to respond to questions businesses might have that were not addressed in the technical guidance – Notice 2001-61 and Notice 2001-63. The notices explain the extensions and other tax relief available to those affected by the terrorist attacks and are available at

“Some businesses have IRS workers on their premises every day, and we encourage businesses to discuss any questions with these IRS representatives” said Larry Langdon, Commissioner of the Large and Mid-Size Business Division. “Our people are ready to answer pressing tax questions from those companies affected by this tragedy.”