Online Filing:

E-Filing in 1999

The close of the 1999 tax season saw record numbers of electronic transactions, including returns, refunds, payments and contacts. The combination of computer and telephone filings was up 20.4 percent to 34.9 million returns. The number of computer-filed returns alone was 29.8 million and the amount of people who prepared and e-filed their own returns more than doubled, accounting for 4.9 million returns.

"When you add up all the numbers, the result is clear - we had a successful filing season," said Internal Revenue Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti. "People are increasingly eager to use computers to prepare and file their taxes."

In an effort to reach a congressional goal of 80 percent electronic filing by 2007, President Clinton has proposed a $10 refundable tax credit for electronic filings and a $5 refundable tax credit for filings via the telephone using Telefile.