Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 (Multiuser Ready)
Peachtree Software
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows Me

An upgrade from other, more simplified versions of Peachtree Accounting software, we found Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 to be a wide-ranging and intricate selection. With sophisticated features like multiuser capabilities, job costing, payroll, and audit trails, Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 can be instrumental in streamlining the finances for midsize businesses of any size.

We had Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 running in under five minutes, as it essentially installs itself. User-instruction inserts for general and payroll setup are extremely helpful cheat sheets for those who do not want to delve immediately into the 1,000-page manual. In addition to the short sheets, there is a small, auxiliary Getting Started manual and a Fixed Assets User's Guide.

Getting on track from the startup menu is a simple process, even for a first-time user or novice to accounting software. The first step is to start a new company profile. This prompts the user to select from 87 different types of template companies, import a preexisting template from another version of Peachtree or another accounting program, or entirely customize a new template for an original business. After setting up a sample company, the software incorporates checklists with recommendations for procedures that facilitate financial management.

More notable features of Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 include reporting on accounts payable; customizable reports; payroll; 401(k); printing W2, W3, 940-EZ, and 1099 forms; and inventory.

With its enormous User's Guide, Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 can seem initially to be a daunting thing to learn; indeed, it is no small task. However, if one is willing to invest the time and effort, and possesses knowledge of accounting, Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 can be comprehensive and extensive. In the end, once it has been mastered, this accounting software can prove to be a financial manager's dream come true. --Kendra Hayden

Product Description

Have you outgrown your personal finance system? How about some help from Peachtree? Some standout features of Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 include:
  • Financial manager for snapshot views of finances
  • Advanced time and billing system that tracks both time and expenses
  • Sales order system makes it easy to track a customer sale from order to invoice
  • Backorder tracking for both A/R and A/P
  • Pick list and pack slips for added customer service when processing orders
  • Advanced job costing, where you can track jobs using phases and cost codes
  • Financial report writer
  • Fixed assets module
  • Screen-level password security

Peachtree Complete Accounting 8.0 includes all the features of Peachtree Accounting plus advanced screen-level password security, audit trail, change item prices globally, in-depth job costing, a time and billing system, and fixed assets.

System Requirements:

150 MHz or faster Pentium, 32 MB RAM (64 MB recommended), 60 to 80 MB hard disk space (35 to 50 MB additional hard disk space required to install Audio Tutorial), CD-ROM drive, 256-color SVGA with minimum resolution of 640x480 (800x600 resolution with 64K colors or higher recommended), Mouse or Compatible pointing device, IE 5.0 or later.