One-Write Plus 8.0
Peachtree Software
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT
  • Easily track sick and vacation time
  • Set up custom fields
  • Take advantage of transaction notes
  • Save time with summary general ledger reports
  • Make fewer mistakes with automatic reversing journal entries


Dump those old ledgers in the recycling bin and track your company's finances and more with One-Write Plus 8.0. Designed for businesses making the sometimes delicate transition between paper and chips, it's easy enough for even nonaccountants to install and use.
While the program is intuitive enough for novice accountants, prior knowledge of rows and columns will help a user to really squeeze the most out of One-Write Plus. The software's tutorial and help features assume competence in the field, so timid users may want to read up on the subject before attempting to use the software. Once it's up and running, the package will write checks singly or in batches as the user follows along on the ledger page. It also helps manage billing, invoicing, purchasing, and bill payment; completes payroll; generates budgets; and designs reports and charts. The interface is very simple and subdued--there's no cartoon characters explaining what to do next or alarming sounds squeaking out of the speakers to distract users from their work.

One-Write Plus 8.0 has evolved from DOS to Windows 2000 and still goes easy on system resources, requiring only 12 MB of RAM and about 40 MB of hard drive space. New features include custom fields, improved searching, vacation and sick-time tracking, and easier data entry--all added, thanks to customer feedback.

While it won't replace your accounting department, One-Write Plus 8.0 makes it more efficient and clears up a few filing cabinets at the same time.

Product Description:

One-Write Plus is the easy-to-learn, easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses interested in moving their accounting from paper to PC. With basic accounting features and helpful tools such as navigational aids, a reminder list, and memorized transactions, as well as new features such as sick/vacation time tracking, custom fields, and transaction notes, you'll find this to be the best One-Write Plus yet. With accounting basics such as check writing, invoicing, payroll, project tracking, business reporting, and graphing, One-Write Plus has the features you need to streamline your accounting and get the job done. One-Write Plus is accounting, the no-hassle way.

System Requirements:

80486 or faster 100% IBM PC-compatible processor, 12 MB RAM (16 MB recommended), 40 MB hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive, 256-color SVGA display or better (recommended, minimum resolution 640x480 (800x600 required for 15-inch monitors), Mouse or pointing device, Windows-compatible printer (laser or ink-jet recommended), 16-bit sound card (to use multimedia).