MYOB Accounting Plus 9.0
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT

If you're venturing into business or have reached your limit with pencil-and-paper accounting methods, consider MYOB Accounting Plus 9.0. This full-featured package contains everything you need to run your own accounts or prepare just the right reports to hand off to a pro.

Setup is simple, though you should have had at least a taste of accounting procedure in the past if you don't want to be overwhelmed. Choose from over 100 flowchart-style account systems--one of them is sure to match your own business model closely--and get started right away. Navigation is slick and intuitive, but there's also excellent multimedia instruction should you get stuck. Using the ledgers is just as easy, and while there are some limitations in forms and account numbers, the unique multicurrency system with automatic exchange-rate tracking and the item price matrix that allows up to 30 different prices per item more than compensate. Accounting tasks can be automated, and reminders set up to spur you to action when necessary.

E-commerce sites might want to look elsewhere, though. Despite the advantages offered by the multicurrency system, MYOB Accounting Plus 9.0 has little direct Web integration--users must kludge together a cut-and-paste system or use Microsoft Office, which MYOB supports.
Ask any small-business owner to name the most frustrating aspect of their work and you're sure to hear "finance." Even if a business can afford to hire an accountant, keeping financial data integrated with other information and even simple record keeping can strain the most organized mind. Even with the above-mentioned limitations, MYOB Accounting Plus 9.0 is powerful and easy to use; distributors and most other small businesses will find their money hassles disappearing after a few months of use.

Product Description:

MYOB Accounting Plus is what you need to help you run your business successfully. It can let you know if you are making the amount of money you hoped you'd make when you started your business. If you're not, Accounting Plus can give you the information you need to change that.
The numbers from MYOB Accounting Plus let you know, through financial reports, what you should do next, if you're charging enough for your services, if you should take out a loan, buy a piece of equipment, whether you should stop selling a particular item, or sell more of it, how you can offer your employees more benefits, and how you can justify a cruise for yourself, among many other wonderful things.

MYOB Accounting Plus does this best because it offers over 100 accounting and financial management reports. It even lets you customize your reports and save as many versions of them as you'd like. You can also send your report information to an Excel spreadsheet and play with the numbers to see what would happen if you did this or that.

Or, you can let your accountant do this for you. Accounting Plus 9 lets you e-mail your reports, so your accountant can have them on demand and waste no time in advising you on your next best step.


  • Multicurrency accounting
  • Expanded inventory
  • Professional time billing
  • E-mailing of reports and forms
  • Outstanding productivity features

System Requirements:

Pentium (Pentium 166 MHz or faster recommended), 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended), 40 MB hard disk space for program installation plus an additional 35 MB for each data file maintained, Acceptable network performance requires 10BaseT or faster Ethernet network that supports NetBIOS, NetBEUI, or TCP/IP protocols.