Taxes for Dummies: 2001 Edition (Taxes for Dummies, 2001)
by Eric Tyson, David Silverman

Taxes for Dummies, 1999 Edition, by Eric Tyson and David J. Silverman, is another title in the bestselling For Dummies series, for which Tyson has authored four other books, including Personal Finance for Dummies and Investing for Dummies. Accurate and reliable in its lighthearted presentation, Tyson and Silverman's book includes tax-planning tips that will help you save money beyond April 15. The book should be just right for the average taxpayer who is looking for clear and unencumbered advice for meeting his or her annual obligation to Uncle Sam. However, it may lack for those wanting a more in-depth guide on complex topics, such as running a small business from home.

Book Desciption:

Taxes -- while you may not love 'em, you still gotta pay 'em. If just the word taxes makes you want to tear your hair out and run the other way, we've got a solution. It's called Taxe$ For Dummie$, 1998 Edition, and you can't go wrong with the valuable information it contains. Best-selling authors Eric Tyson, MBA, and David J. Silverman, EA, give you the scoop on preparing and filing your 1997 tax return. Most important, Taxe$ For Dummie$, 1998 Edition gives you the know-how and the tools, including handy forms and tax tables, to prepare your own returns. In the 1998 edition, Tyson and Silverman cover all the essentials, including how to Make the most out of the new estimated tax payments Access all of your tax forms online and save time -- and trees, too Figure out the new tax cuts for families and children Deduct the cost of equipment purchased for your business Locate tax information online Avoid making costly mistakes and find out how to pick "quality" financial advisers if you're in a time-crunch With Taxe$ For Dummie$, 1998 Edition as your trusty reference, you can be comfortable acting as your own accountant and confident that you'll get the job done right!


This new edition includes all the changes and revisions to the tax laws and loopholes that affect millions of people. Complete with federal tax forms, tax tables, and tons of tips and strategies for how to minimize the tax burden, Taxes For Dummies is the most complete tax preparation guide.

About the Author:

Eric Tyson is the author of For Dummies bestsellers on personal finance and investing. David J. Silverman is a tax adviser and author of battling the IRS.