The Ernst & Young Tax Saver's Guide 2001 (Ernst and Young Tax Saver's Guide)
by Ernst, Young LIp (editor), Margaret Milner Richardson, Harvey Wishman, Peter W. Bernstein

The Ernst & Young Tax Saver's Guide 1999 comes with hundreds of tips and advice that can help you save your hard-earned dollars. It includes a special "Index to Life-Cycle Events" that can help you better understand the tax consequences that most of us face at different junctions of life, such as buying and selling a home, planning for our children's education, marriage and divorce, and so on. Includes a concise summary of the changes in tax law for 1998.

Book Description:

Tax-trimming tips for all year round. This handy year-round companion to The Ernst & Young Tax Guide gives taxpayers hundreds of everyday money-saving ideas and strategies for lowering their taxes in 1999, 2000, and beyond. * Complete coverage of new tax law provisions * Special section on year-end planning helps taxpayers make critical decisions before December 31 to reduce tax liability * Includes tax tips geared toward "life-cycle" events--providing maximum tax benefits for individuals who are getting married, divorced, buying a home, changing jobs, or planning for retirement.


This handy, year-round companion to "The Ernst & Young Tax Guide" gives taxpayers hundreds of everyday money-saving ideas and strategies for lowering their taxes in 1998, 1999, and beyond.

Back Cover:

The nation's #1 tax authority shows how the new tax law affects you!

The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997: what's new, what's different, and how can you make the most of it? For up-to-the-minute answers, you need a reliable source: The Ernst & Young Tax Saver's Guide. Here's where you'll get the lowdown on key changes in the tax law affecting: IRA's Capital Gains Selling Your Home Estate and Gift Tax Pension Plans Estimated Tax And more . . .

Find out about the newest kind of IRA. Maximize your profit from the new capital gains rates. Learn how to meet the new requirements for deductions and exemptions. And put the experience of Ernst & Young LLP to work for you.

Plus, this indispensable reference is packed with hundreds of ideas and unique, money-saving tips to make it easier than ever to plan now so you don't have to pay later. You also get: A special section on year-end planning and decision-making A unique life-cycle events index to help you minimize taxes from marriage, home-buying, retirement, and more "Tax Savers," "Tax Alerts," and "Tax Organizers" with helpful tips and reminders.

The Author, Harvey Wishman:

New strategies and expanded format help you lower your taxes
New strategies and expanded format help you lower your taxes.The Ernst & Young Tax Savers Guide is bigger and better than ever, with hundreds of ideas and unique money-saving tips, plus an improved, expanded format that enables you to find the answers to your tax-planning questions easily, quickly, and completely. This year the book includes a mutual funds chapter and a chapter on travel and entertainment, as well as a section detailing the "Changes in the Law You Should Know About."

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