Collecting Unpaid Bills Made EZ

E-Z Legal Forms

Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NY, Power Macintosh (System 7.12 or later)


  • Increases sales and profits
  • Cuts expenses
  • Reduces losses
  • Stimulates cash flow
  • Can eliminate expensive legal and collection fees
Product Description:

Does your business have problems collecting debts from customers and clients? With Collecting Unpaid Bills Made E-Z, you can extend credit and be confident you will get paid. This complete credit and collection system of more than 200 documents helps you put legally enforceable letters, agreements, and guarantees in writing.

Streamline your collections department, slash bad debts, generate cash flow, avoid costly legal entanglements, and improve customer satisfaction. This credit and collection strategy guides you through every phase of the process from squeezing cash out of delinquent accounts to pinpointing riskier accounts. It's your first line of defense against customers who can't or won't pay.

Collecting Unpaid Bills Made E-Z forms are the foundation for sound credit decisions. They can help you better analyze your current credit practices and help you change your policies so they are more effective.

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