The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2001

by Ernst, Young LIp (Editor), Peter W. Bernstein, Harvey Wishman


The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2000 is for those who could afford to pay more tax but choose not to. It has the most complete information on reporting income from mutual funds and other investments. A whole chapter is called "What to Do If You Employ Domestic Help." It is the only guide actually produced by an accounting firm, and it shows. Information is well organized and presented in great detail, but sometimes at the cost of readability. If you're an individual filer looking for the most comprehensive tax guide, this is probably the one to get.

Book Description:

"The best tax guide of the bunch . . ."--USA Today"Hard to beat . . ."--MoneyEach year, hundreds of thousands of people turn to The Ernst & Young Tax Guide for the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the tax system. Published in December to include late-breaking tax laws as well as usable tax return forms, the new tax guide for 2001 is the only one on the market which includes the official IRS tax guide, Publication 17, "Your Federal Income Tax," along with Ernst & Young's comprehensive commentary and tax-trimming tips. A special chapter on mutual funds covers when to make new investments and how to treat distributions, transfers, and redemptions, and a special section on the gift tax explains what constitutes a gift, how to calculate liability, and how to determine which forms to use. *More final usable tax return forms than any other tax guide, in the book and on the Internet *Over 450 TaxSavers, TaxAlerts, TaxOrganizers, and TaxPlanners Ernst & Young LLP is one of the nation's leading professional services firms. Its tax and personal financial counseling practices specialize in tailoring financial strategies for people at all income levels.


Comprehensive commentary and tax trimming tips are featured, along with a special chapter on mutual funds that covers when to make new investments, and how to treat distributions, transfers, and redemptions.

Back Cover:

". . . The best tax guide of the bunch . . ."--USA Today
". . . Hard to Beat . . ."--Money magazine
The Ernst & Young Tax Guide 1999 is the place to turn for clear explanations of all the key changes from this year's new tax bill, plus last year's rulings that are just now coming into effect, including: New rights for Taxpayers Roth IRAs Capital Gains Estate and Gift Taxes And more . . .
It's the only guide that includes over 35 of this year's tax forms in the book and online, plus the IRS' official filing instructions for the forms, plus money-saving tips from America's leading tax and accounting firm.

SPECIAL FEATURES IN THIS YEAR'S EDITION: Quick-reference section on changes in the tax law you should know about IRS Publication 17, "Your Federal Income Tax" Individual Tax Organizer section helps you put your records in order Important Reminders for 1998 How to Avoid 25 Common Errors 50 of the Most Commonly Overlooked Deductions PLUS the always popular features TaxSavers--tips to slash your taxes this year and next TaxPlanners--strategies to help you prepare for the upcoming year TaxAlerts--pointers on tax law changes that may affect you TaxOrganizers--reminders that help you keep track of your important tax records.