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To help the visitors of this site in finding the right tax association that relates to their job, issues, and interests we have compiled a list of national, state, and international tax associations.

Following is the list:

National tax associations (Go to State Tax Associations) - AARP Tax Aide - A program for the elderly and middle to low-income families to help them find the answers to tax questions and to prepare their taxes. It’s run by the AARP foundation. - American Bar Association - Section of Taxation – Part of the American Bar Association, the largest voluntary professional association in the world, this page helps you gather information on taxes and tax current events going on right now. - American College of Tax Counsel - Tax law policies and issues forum with Tax lawyers from across the country and diverse backgrounds. - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants – Resources and information for CPAs across the nation. - American Payroll Association – To support, teach, and gain recognition for the payroll profession in America. - American Property Tax Counsel – A group of independent property tax law firms. - American Taxation Association - To help with research in taxes and offer education about Taxation in the U.S. among it’s members and those that visit the website. - Appraisers Association of America – It’s the largest non-profit professional association of personal property appraisers. - Association for Computers and Taxation – A forum for corporate tax professional to gain information and get support from their peers on automated corporate tax environment. - National Association of Computerized Tax Processors - The National Association of Computerized Tax Processors (NACTP) is a nonprofit association that represents tax processing software and hardware developers, electronic filing processors, tax form publishers, and tax processing service bureaus. - Center for State and Local Taxation – A center for education and research of local and state taxation on not just the U.S. economy but the effects on the international level also. - Committee on State Taxation – Representing multistate corporations and their views on state taxation. - Federation of Tax Administrators – Provide support and information to state tax authorities and administrators. - Institute for Professionals in Taxation - The Institute, founded in 1976, is dedicated to a high degree of professionalism with a strict Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct for its members, to uniform and equitable administration of ad valorem and sales & use taxes, and to minimizing cost of tax administration and compliance. - Multistate Tax Commission – a collection of state governments that work on tax laws and their administration in association with taxpayers. - National Association of Computerized Tax Processors – Represents all businesses that are involved with tax processing software and hardware developers plus e filing. - National Association of Enrolled Agents – With a section for both practitioners and taxpayers, this website provides support and information on Enrolled agents and agencies across the country. - National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers, and Treasurers – to represent the various states that exist in our country and to present their views on fiscal and financial management. It’s a forum for discussion and bringing together different groups of people to discuss the issues they have. - National Association of State Budget Officers – an organization and forum for the state budget officers to exchange ideas and advise the governors on finances of the state. - National Association of tax practitioners – a non-profit organization of tax professional from all field like CPAs, individual practitioners, enrolled agents, accountants, attorneys, and financial planners. - National Tax Association – Questioning and probing the tax theory and its implementation is the primary goal of this association of tax professionals. - National Taxpayers Conference – has a membership of CEOs belonging to various state associations that want to study and decipher public finance issues in their states. - Tax Executives Institute – Organization of decision-makers in their respective companies and their problems of business taxation.

State Tax Association (Go to National Tax Associations) - Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama – Research and reporting of issues that affect the people of Alabama and their state. - Arizona Society of Enrolled Agents – Information on and for tax professionals (Enrolled Agents) and taxpayers in Arizona.

ttp:// - Arizona Tax Research Association – Information on public finances for the individuals and businesses alike in Arizona. - California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors – One of their goals is to, "Provide an organizational guide for Treasurer/Tax Collectors." - California Inland Society of Tax Consultants – hold continuing education seminars to educate the tax professionals for the future and offer them support. - California Society of Enrolled Agents – Their goals are to create awareness for their agents and support and educate them to the best of their abilities. - California Taxpayers’ Association - Supports the taxpayers by raising issues of illegal legislatures and keeping the public aware of their tax rights. - Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents – Supporting the Enrolled Agents in the state by providing them up to date information and seminars. - Connecticut Policy and Economic Council – Discuss and research everything from education to state government policies. - Florida Society of Enrolled Agents - Not for profit organization comprised of Enrolled Agents in Florida. - Florida Taxwatch - Protecting and promoting the political and economic freedoms of Floridians. - Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents – Representing Tax Professionals in Georgia. - Tax Foundation of Hawaii – Informing the Hawaiians about state government operations related to Taxes. - Associated Taxpayers of Idaho – Not-for-Profit organization that works on the behalf of Idaho’s taxpayers. - Iowa Taxpayer’s Association - Iowa leading business tax policy resource since 1935. - Louisiana Association of Tax Administrators – Helping the people behind the tax policies of the state in acquiring information and making their work more fulfilling. - Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana – Providing the general public information they need about the financial aspects of the state government plus helping those in the lawmaking shoes by conducting researches and posting the results on the website. - Maryland Taxpayers Association, Inc - Promoting effective, fiscally-efficient government that respects the rights of all Marylanders. - Citizens Research Council of Michigan - The goal of CRC is to secure good government for the citizens of Michigan -- government that is representative of and responsible and accountable to the public. - Minnesota Taxpayer’s Association - An Independent Voice for Good Government and Sound Tax Policy Since 1926. - Missouri Society of Enrolled Agents - To foster the development and growth of Enrolled Agents in Missouri and Kansas. - Public Af-s Research Institute of New Jersey - An independent, nonpartisan organization that conducts research, monitors trends and issues and provides objective information on New Jersey programs and policies. - New York State Society of Enrolled Agents – Tax Professionals in New York State. - North Carolina Society of Enrolled Agents – Representing and working for the advancement of all tax professionals in North Carolina. - Ohio State Society of Enrolled Agents - The mission of the Ohio State Society of Enrolled Agents is to further the professionalism and public awareness of its members. - Ohio Public Expenditure Council – The Source for Non-Partisan, Relevant Economic, and Tax Information for Decision Makers. - Ohio Taxpayer’s Association - The Ohio Taxpayers Association is a non-partisan, non-profit association that works to limit Ohio taxes, government spending, and regulations. - Oregon Association of Tax Consultants – Helping the Citizens and Tax Consultants of Oregon in acquiring a sense of the fiscal enviorment. - Oregon Taxpayers United – To minimize the stronghold of the government on the income of the Oregon taxpayers. - Oregon Tax Research – Spending and taxation analysts since 1935 in Oregon. - Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council - The Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC) is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan public policy research and education organization dedicated to the advancement of effective and efficient government in Rhode Island. - Dallas/Fort Worth State Tax Association - The mission of the Dallas/Fort Worth State Tax Association is to expand each member's knowledge of state and local tax issues. - Texas Society of Enrolled Agents - The mission of the Texas Society of Enrolled Agents is to foster the professionalism and growth of its Members. - Texas Taxpayer and Research Association - TTARA offers timely information to Texas businesses about the policies and events that may affect the fiscal environment. - Utah Society of Enrolled Agents – Representing and advancing the enrolled agents in Utah. - Utah Taxpayers Associations - A non-profit, non-partisan association working for greater efficiency and effectiveness in government. - Washington Research Council – The Independent Authority on taxes and efficient government. - Washington State Society of Enrolled Agents - The mission of WSSEA is to foster the professionalism, personal growth and business growth of its
Members; to protect the interest of its individual members and enhance the role of Enrolled Agents among government agencies, other professions and the public at large. - Wyoming Taxpayers Association - Wyoming Taxpayers Association, the only statewide association in Wyoming representing united taxpayers concerned about governmental spending, was formed in 1937.