Professional Development:

Continuing Professional Education

As humans our quest for knowledge never ends. Today more than ever in the professional world the need to update and gain more knowledge has become essential in achieving success. This is especially true for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Licensed Public Accountants (LPAs), Tax Accountants, and Enrolled Agents (Eas). It’s been three years since the introduction of the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. Going through various websites on the internet that offer CPE courses, one of the courses that was common among them was a course explaining the provisions of this Act.

Tax laws change almost every year. Updating yourself constantly about them cannot be stressed enough. Reading the books about them and trying to figure them out by you is a very brave attempt. But many professionals find themselves finding it harder and harder to study at home as they get older. At home the family responsibilities and activities involving the kids make it hard for you to find the time and place to study. The great thing about the various CPE institutes is the fact that professionals from different fields get to sit together and take courses. They get to discuss and share their knowledge with their peers. The advantage of this is that you not only learned something new with this course plus you made contacts in your trade.

Through these courses you also gained enough knowledge about the new laws to have an edge over your competition. If you are a tax accountant and you recently took a course on investment income and expenses for this year, than you are probably going to land more investors than the guy across the street who didn’t take this course. As long as you are able to save more money for a taxpayer through genuine knowledge of the laws and not through manipulation of the numbers, which sooner or later will prompt the IRS for an audit, the course was worth it. CPE not only helps you make more money it helps you keep making more money in the future. This not only true for those who have been in the business for a long time but also those who are starting fresh.