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Rental Deductions for Your Client's Vacation Home

homeowners, they may rent their vacation house out part of the year in order to help make those mortgage payments a little easier. What many do not realize however is that renting can also yield you some extra tax benefits...

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Tax Breaks Associated with Real Estate

Buying a home and investing in real estate yields tax breaks for the buyer just as investing in retirement accounts and other forms of investing do. Find out what you should know...more

What are Installment Sales?

When your client sells a property that is subject to the capital gains tax, one of the best methods to save them money over the years is to suggest they use the installment method. Find out how it can save them money!...more

Advantages of Personal Residence Trust

A qualified personal residence trust is effective when your client does not want their home or vacation home considered part of their estate. This helps them to depreciate the value of their estate, therefore helping to lessen the estate taxes their heirs will be hit with. But is this right for them?..more

Rental Income

Rental income is generally any kind of payment your client receives for use of their real estate or personal property. Find out how to handle the situation that pertains to your client when it comes to rental income.

Tax Savings Associated with Home Ownership

There is many an opportunity to gain some financial profits as well as save money in your client?s taxes when your client buys or sells their home. Find out more here!

Tax Savings for People Who Rent

The IRS offers the many people who are renters the opportunity to save money on their taxes just like homeowners. The way they save differs in the way that the lifestyle of the person is reflected in the deductions more then the place they reside in. Find out more!

Tax Relief on a Home Sale

On almost every home sale, the seller no longer has to pay taxes on his gains. The capital gains tax is a thing of the past thanks to the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. But there are some exceptions to this rule that your client should know.

What is Mortgage Interest Credit?

There is a governmental program to provide taxpayers with financing to buy them a principal residence. This must be used in regards to the purchase, rehabilitation or home improvement of your client's main home.

Deducting Home Improvements

There is a fine line between improvements and repairs on your client?s home when it comes to the IRS. Improvements to the house are tax deductible and even help your client pocket more gain when they sell the house. Repairs are not considered tax deductible because they are necessary. Find out more!