International Tax Law:

Off-Shore Accounts

A person who is not a U.S. resident or citizen holding shares in a non-U.S. corporation is exempt from U.S. estate taxes. Here are some of the pros of using an offshore trust:

1.Bank secrecy laws in many countries offer non-disclosure of value of the assets

2.Your client does not have to legally establish the validity of a will in their home country or the country of their trust

3.Protection against seizure of assets by home country

4.Smooth transfer of assets to their children or beneficiaries without government intervention

5.The trust has overwhelming power over all decisions as to the use of the money and distribution of it

6.Taxes like gift tax and the estate tax can be avoided in United States and home country

7.Stock owned by the deceased in a foreign corporation is transferred to the children or the beneficiaries without court intervention.