Tax Ha-Ha:

Tax Quotes

But in this world nothing is certain but death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin

Censure is the tax a man pays to the public for being eminent.
Jonathan Swift

A taxpayer is someone who works for the federal government but who doesn't have to take a civil service examination.
Ronald Reagan

The trick is to stop thinking of it as 'your' money.
Revenue Auditor

The hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax!
Albert Einstein

The Government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend upon the support of Paul.
George Bernard Shaw

The avoidance of taxes is the only pursuit that still carries any reward
J M Keynes

To please universally was the object of his life; but to tax and to please, no more than to love and to be wise, is not given to men.
Edmund Burke

When there is an income tax, the just man will pay more and the unjust less on the same amount of income.

Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood, but seldom forgotten
Lord Bramwell

There is no art which one government sooner learns from another than that of draining money from the pockets of the people.
Adam Smith

There are two distinct classes of men... those who pay taxes and those who receive and live upon taxes.
Thomas Paine

War involves in its progress such a train of unforeseen and unsupposed circumstances that no human wisdom can calculate the end. It has but one thing certain, and that is to increase taxes
Thomas Paine

In the matter of taxation, every privilege is an injustice.

He who has the base necessities of life should pay nothing; taxation on him who has a surplus may, if need be; extend to everything beyond necessities.
Jean Jacques Rousseau

There are two systems of taxation in our country: one for the informed and one for the uninformed.
Honorable Learned Hand, US Appeals Court Justice

Over and over again Courts have said there is nothing sinister in so arranging one's affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everybody does so, rich and poor, and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands. Taxes are enforced exactions, not voluntary contributions. to demand more in the name of morals is mere cant.
Honorable Learned Hand, US Appeals Court Justice

The haggis and European tax law have much in common. They both involve bloody processes, the end results are a mystery and those of a squeamish disposition should not get involved in the making of either.

Your federal government needs your money so that it can perform vital services for you that you would not think up yourself in a million years.
Dave Barry (US columnist)

We have from time-to-time complained about the complexity of our revenue laws and the almost impossible challenge they present to taxpayers or their representatives... Our complaints have obviously fallen upon deaf ears.
Arnold Raum (Senior US Tax Court Judge)
Benjamin Franklin said nothing is certain but death and taxes: but at least death doesn't get worse every year.