Providing Better Customer Service

One of the most important things that you need to do at your company is teach your employees the value of the customers. You also need to show your own commitment towards the customers before you can expect them to treat them the same way. To achieve this, you need to do some of the following things at work:

  • Come up with a customer service policy and a mission statement that shows your commitment to your customers.
  • Post these policies at your work place and on the web if you have a web site.
  • Try to embody what you expect from the others. Show your commitment to customers each day by calling customers in front of your employees and asking them how well your products are doing and if you could do anything else for them. These are called follow up calls and they make the customer feel good about themselves and your business. Word of mouth is the key thing in business.
  • Make the new employees attend orientation about your company for a day or two. During the orientation, stress your commitment to customer service. Give them reading material and show them videos on how to improve their behavior towards the customer. Help them understand why some customers become stressed and agitated and how to best handle the situation. An educated employee is a better worker.
  • Offer compensation for job related courses that deal with customer service and even hold your own each month to discuss how the employees’ interaction with the customers is going. Sales related business meetings like these are essential. Everyone deviates from his or her path from time to time. It’s the job of the owner to help everyone get back on track.
  • Speak to your employees as often as possible. Tell them about your company and what important developments are happening. A well-informed employee feels like a part of the business and gains a sense of loyalty. He can translate that to the customer by acting courteous and helpful. People want to buy from sales people who appears to be friendly and informative.