How to Conduct a Successful Sales Presentation?

If you are in the business of selling, you have to make sales presentations. It’s part of the package if you want to be successful in what you do. Sales presentations help you grow and gain more business. Instead of convincing one person to buy a washer and dryer, you have to convince a group of people who run a company. The basics don’t change, you still have to make a sales pitch without making your whole presentation sound like one.

The introduction gives a background of your company and the management. You begin by thanking the people who you are making the presentation to for having you there and giving your company an opportunity to do business with them. This just makes them feel good. Follow that up with the body of your presentation. The catch here is to stay within focus. If someone asks a question, politely ask him or her to wait until the end so you can finish your presentation. Be concise and accurate in giving information about your company. Don’t offer anything that is still in development or your company is only thus far thinking about pursuing. Be enthusiastic and speak clearly because a good speaker can always make the room feel what he’s feeling by saying and acting out his words. Conclude by summarizing everything with all the important tidbits that will stand out in their minds. Follow this up with a Q&A session. Try to answer all questions to best of your ability. If you don’t know the answer to any question, let the person know that. Don’t make an answer up.

Preparing for a sales presentation:

  • Write a simple and understandable sales presentation. Include a few jokes in there but keep it mostly devoid of the usual corporate jargon. The only terms you need to include in there are the ones used by the company that you will be making the presentation to. It makes them think that you know a thing or two about their business.
  • Rehearse your presentation in front of colleagues or the mirror to perfect it. Looking unsure of yourself in front of future prospects is really not a good idea.
  • After writing the presentation, make an outline of it. Go over it several times but also keep in mind that you may need to improvise from time to time. So keep this in mind when you are writing.