Strategic Philanthropy

Strategic philanthropy, charitable assistance, is the art of providing community service to help promote your name among the general public as someone who cares about the community and not just making a buck. There are many ways to go about it but the important thing is to invest in the community, where your workers come from, with good intentions. By helping others you are setting the example for change. Your customers and workers will see that and their appreciation for your efforts will spell loyalty to your products and services. These days a lot people are buying from companies that are associated with good causes. It’s not just about buying products anymore, people want to feel good about themselves by associating themselves with companies that are involved in social change.

Following are some methods for strategic philanthropy:

  • Try to help out organizations in your area that don’t have a lot of exposure. By giving them your assistance and support, you help gain them exposure. Their name can appear in your press releases and company publications.
  • Associate with companies that are related to you somehow. For instance if you are in the clothing business, give clothes out to homeless shelters.
  • Even create partnerships with non-profit organizations that regularly hold drives and dinners. This will show your consistency to help out in social change.
  • Help these organizations with their public relations. Get the word out about them and help them receive more funds.