Writing Online Classified Ads

In the business of writing online classified ads, all you need is a little caring and creativity. Today’s business world, with heavy reliance on the Internet, has changed from ten years ago. People no longer show up at work in business suits and four hundred dollar shoes. Instead, they are dressed in Hawaiian shirts and shorts with beach sandals. The business culture has changed and so have the requirements for jobs.

You can no longer just parade your company’s great record in the past as a multi-billion dollar company and expect masses of potential employees to show up at your door. It just doesn’t work that way anymore. Today, job seekers are looking for more than that. They look for comforts and freedom. They look for on site benefits. They are looking for a gym, a pool, and a recreation room with a pool table. Some want to work in offices located outside the city where all they can see from their work window is a beautiful garden and the forest. Some want to work in tall buildings where you can see twenty miles around you. Mothers who are looking for work will prefer a job location with a day care center in it. Dog lovers want to know if the company has it’s own kennel where their dog can stay during the day. It’s no longer just about the job, it’s also about the environment.

These are all the things that you need to convey in your ads when you place them, either in the papers or online. You want the ad reader to read the whole ad and even give it a second look. If your ad is not creative, you will not capture the job seeker’s attention and they may fail to read the entire ad. Considering people’s rapidly shrinking attention spans, you need to have something in the ad that will stand out or catch the attention of that certain person. For example, you might get people who love the beach to come to your company if you advertise your location or even the fact that you have a private beach.

It is all about creativeness in your writing. You have to be careful with what you write because sometimes it can get tricky. You don’t want to overemphasize the perks while ignoring simple facts like salary and benefits. People are still very interested in salaries, so much so that they want to see them in ads. Salaries didn’t used to appear in ads. However, due to popular demand, more and more classified ad writers are including them along with other descriptive factors of the available position. In addition, job seekers who answer these ads are more serious than most as they already know what they are getting themselves into. This saves your company a lot of time and money.

You can place these ads online on,,,, and These are some of the major players online that can result in quick responses to your ads. In addition, new and upcoming job search sites are popping up each and everyday.