Designing Compelling Brochures

For many firms, a traditional marketing tool, the company brochure, is a must. A company brochure in the hands of a perspective new client is a great way to draw attention to and market your business and its capabilities. In order to develop an effective brochure, you must be sure that you are conveying the accurate message.

The first step in developing a successful brochure is defining the message you want to convey. Get as much input and ideas on the subject as you can. Have a meeting and brainstorm amongst yourselves exactly what you want the brochure to say about your company. Along these similar lines, you must also define your target audience. Think about who will be seeing the brochure and what they might want to get from it. Your objective here is to come up with the types of marketing that your target audience will find most appealing. If you have a good rapport with a client, you may ask him for his opinion on how you should best go about choosing a brochure marketing strategy.

Next, you must think about what the actual purpose of your brochure is to be. Is your intention for the brochure to be informative" Persuasive" What exactly do you want the content to convey to your clients? Once you have decided what you are trying to get across, you should start collecting effective corporate marketing material that you would like to incorporate into your brochure. The color and design of the material you choose should mesh well together.

The next step is to take these materials to a designer. Present to the designer concrete examples of what you came up with and what you are envisioning for your brochure. Not only will you be more likely to wind up with the type of brochure you envisioned, you will also save some money for your firm by having done a lot of the design work yourself. Should you find the end product to be ineffective, change your message. You know better than anyone else what you are trying to convey and what the client wants to see. If you feel that your end product has not accomplished your objective, do not second-guess yourself. Change it.