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The rebates are in!

Starting the last week of July, the great hot month, things are going to feel a little cooler with advance payments check arriving in the mail for the people whose social security digits end with 00-09. $300 for single or married individuals who filed separately in 2000; $500 for the head of the household; $600 for married filing jointly or qualifying widow (er).

IRS has tried to make the process as automatic as possible, meaning as IRS commissioner stressed, so they don’t have to call us. The advance payment checks from the IRS will be preceded by a notice furnishing them with the proper information; when are they going to receive their checks and how much. The notices should be kept for record keeping purposes. The notices will also explain to many taxpayers that if they didn’t receive any credit this year, it doesn’t mean they don’t qualify for it starting next year.

The following table shows how the social security numbers will determine when the checks are mailed.

Last two digits of the social security Checks will be mailed in the week of:
00-09 July 23
10-19 July 30
20-29 August 6
30-39 August 13
40-49 August 20
50-59 August 27
60-69 September 3
70-79 September 10
80-89 September 17
90-99 September 24

These checks are the result of the Tax Law changes that took place after President Bush took office. The 15% tax bracket was lowered to 10%. The advance payment checks cover the change. Some of the taxpayers who are to receive this credit might not because of their tax liability or child support or loan delinquencies.

For any more information visit the IRS website, IRS advises all taxpayers to keep their address changes current with the post office.