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More Individuals Filing Taxes Electronically than ever before

In a recent report released by IRS, the statistics are beginning to show an upward move in the number of people e-filing their taxes from home computers. There is a 31% increase in income tax filing done from your home computer compared to last year around the same time. There is also a five percent increase in prepared returns from this time last year. This shows two things.

People are more comfortable with filing online; they have become more computers savvy. Which means in the future, sooner than later, filing tax returns will be a paperless affair. IRS is already experimenting this year with paperless returns. They are using an electronic signature in place of the real one. The way this works is that you have to select a pin number. Along with this pin number you also keep two pieces of information handy. The total tax from last year plus your adjusted gross income from the same year.

Electronic filing is helping the IRS cut down on errors that result from paper returns. The time and manpower it took to sort through the tax returns and file them will be cut down exponentially. Already the good news for the taxpayers is on the horizon and rising quickly. According to the IRS, the average refund is up $83 from last year. Most taxpayers are also using the Direct Deposit method, which is the easiest and fastest way to get your refund deposited in your bank accounts.

In related news from the IRS offices, two new counsels have been appointed to assist division chiefs. Kristin B. Wielobob will be division counsel to Wage and Investment division and Kevin M. Brown will serve in a similar capacity to Small business/Self-employed division. Both of them worked as assistants to Charles O. Rossoti, commissioner of IRS, in recent times. He holds them in high regard and feels that they will bring a fresh perspective to the born again IRS.