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IRS Makes Improvements for 2001 filing season

With the introduction of self-select PIN (Personal Identification Number) to electronically sign your returns hence eliminating the need for a paper signature, IRS will be able to offer paperless filing for the first time. Taxpayer’s self-select PIN will be accompanied by their 2000 adjusted gross income and tax amounts.

All tax forms will have a check box on them that authorizes IRS to speak directly to the person who prepares the tax return. Any problems that result while processing the return can be discussed directly with the tax preparer. This will not only speed up processing but also result in a decline in correspondence from the IRS.

IRS is also putting in a better telephone service. The service might not be fully up for this tax season but in the next couple of years it will be fully operational. This will mean a better customer service for the taxpayer who calls in for technical support or with tax issues. A recent report from the office of National Taxpayer Advocate revealed that one of the top ten issues plaguing taxpayers was the "inability to access toll-free number".