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IRS develops a Blueprint for the Future

IRS has developed a blueprint for the agency’s future. It will help them guide and develop their tax systems to better serve the taxpayers. The blueprint a.k.a IRS enterprise architecture was first created in 1997. After three years and numerous improvements, the blueprint has now become the guideline for how IRS will improve its business services and technology in the future.

The blueprint will design and enact new technologies into the IRS systems to make them more compatible for the future. This will help IRS with many of its current projects. Customer Account Data Engine (CADE) is one of them. CADE is being developed to create a database of taxpayer records that could be updated by the agency everyday. These records would result in not only faster refunds but also better customer service resolving taxpayer issues quickly.

Version 1.0 of the Enterprise Architecture software has been approved to utilize the blueprint program to develop applications for the IRS to start changing its business practices by incorporating new technologies. Some expected improvements in the IRS system will be:

  • Faster refunds – In 2 to 3 days
  • Twice the number of first callers to the IRS customer service center will have their issues resolved with that call
  • It will only take 6 months to make collections on overdue accounts. Right now it takes around 30 months

Commissioner of IRS, Charles O. Rossotti calls this new technology "the springboard for us to improve taxpayer service." Since 1997 when the first blueprint was introduced, IRS has been working on making sure that the latest version reflects their desire for modernization. Let’s just hope the desire doesn’t evaporate like a refund after an audit.