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Tax shelter
Discuss how beneficial tax shelters are and how you can set up one. But be aware that IRS can find you out and charge you with the kind of penalties that bankrupt large businesses.
Fri 20 Jul 14:54 3
Tax Ha Ha
We all know how funny taxes can be, NOT!
Thu 19 Jul 02:02 7
IRS ripped me off
Let's talk about it and meet others who might be able to offer you some advice.
Fri 20 Jul 14:58 1
Looking for a job
A place for employers and potential employees to interact outside the office.
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No more taxes
This country was built on the fact that we didn't want to pay any taxes, now two hundred years later the same problem persists.
Sun 26 Aug 01:45 3
I am getting audited
I feel your pain and so do others that are in the room.
Thu 19 Jul 02:23 1
CPAs can enter this room and offer some valuable insight on the subject of managing your money.
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Business taxes
Businesses have to file taxes four times a year. Discuss your common issues and difficulties dealing with taxes month after month.
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Death and Taxes
A lot of families get hit with estate taxes after a loved one dies. You need to plan ahead so your heirs don't lose most of your estate paying taxes.
Thu 12 Jul 16:24 3
Financial Planning
Financial planning for the future should always be on your mind.
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Immigration and Taxes
Everyone that comes to this country is surprised by the complexity of taxes here.
Thu 12 Jul 16:53 2
International Taxes
Many Americans work abroad in Europe, Asia, South America, etc. Tax treatment of their income back home is an important issue for these people.
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Investment Taxes
A lot of taxpayers are not aware of how taxation works for long-term and short-term gains on stocks and other assets from the financial world. Discuss your options here on how to minimize taxes on your income.
Fri 20 Jul 14:52 1
Marriage and Taxes
Things change after you get married. Wait till you file taxes.
Thu 19 Jul 02:01 1
If you don't see them in the other categories, discuss those issues here.
Thu 12 Jul 16:15 2