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Tax Saving Strategies for Business Owners

Consider establishing an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). An ESOP can be beneficial in diversifying your client's investment portfolio if they own a business.

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Tax Saving Strategies for the Self-Employed

This section contains tips on deducting health insurance premiums and other need-to-know tax tips for your clients who are self-employed...more

Avoiding an Audit

Did you know that clients who are independent contractors, computer consultants, real-estate agents, doctors, lawyers or accountants are at a higher risk for an audit? One also may be at risk if ....find out!

How to Fill Out Your W-2?

Inform your client that they should strive to be accurate when dealing with this form. One may face a $500 penalty if too little tax was withheld! Did you know that if your client does not file this form with his employer that his employer will withhold taxes at a higher rate? Find out what you and your clients should know...more

Hints for High-Income Individuals

This article is full of useful advice you can pass on to your high-income clientele to help allieviate estate and other types of taxes. One example - Tell your client to consider withdrawing retirement funds early. Large retirement account balances left behind when one dies may be subject to both estate and income taxes. More...