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You can submit articles to Ivdgl two ways:
1) Copy paste the article in the text box provided in the form.
2) Email the article to Please include the section this article belong in (Refer to the section list provided in the form) and include the article title in the subject of your email.)"

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Share your expertise with consumers and professionals. Build your reputation. Contribute to the tax community. Reach millions of people. All the articles written by a professinals will be posted on the Consumer site and the Professional site. Once the Beta release is completed we will be paying cash for the articles that will be posted on our site.

What topic to write about?
You are welcome to write articles on any topic you feel comfortable with. The articles on our site are a good example of the kind of topic we are looking for. Remember this is your site so please feel free to write articles on any tax topic.

Do all article get posted on the site?

Articles will be reviewed by our editorial staff. All articles that satisfy our minimum quality standards will be posted on our site.

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We will post your article as soon as our editorial staff is done reviewing it.

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Our editorial staff will be reviewing all the articles periodicaly. We will remove any articles that are outdated.

Note: We will remove any article from our web site that is in violation of Ivdgl's term and condition or any copyright laws.