Five Most Useful Marketing Research Methods

Marketing research is always an effective tool in helping to assure that your product or company is going to be a success. Find out what the most effective marketing research techniques are!

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Web Advertising

With web advertising, you read a small banner, become interested, click on it and go to the web site. Several clicks later, you would have set up delivery for a product you wanted. Find out more about web advertising and how it can benefit you...more

Sighting Clever Advertisements

The most important thing in advertising is to get your message across without offending your target audience while at the same time being precise and informative. There is a new growing media out there for advertising, but is it just a gimmick?...more

Strategic Philantrophy

Strategic philanthropy, charitable assistance, is the art of providing community service to help promote your name among the general public as someone who cares about the community and not just making a buck. How does this affect your business?...more

Authoring Competent Mail Pieces

A mail piece is worth ten times its weight in gold if you write a good one. It should grab the reader’s attention from the first line to the last. We have some tips for developing your own effective mail pieces.

Impelling Press Releases

Press releases are the heart of public relations for most companies. You need to stand out from your competitors, and press releases can be a very instrumental tool in doing just that.

Defining Brand

Companies use brands for recognition. They are the small symbols or graphics that are used for visual stimulation to relate it to a certain company product or service. Should you use one?

Cold Calling

Nobody really enjoys calling someone on the telephone that they do not know. Most people like it even less when they know they have to attempt to sell this person something. Here are some tips to make your calls more effective.

Five Ways of Executing Marketing Analysis

To be successful launching a new company or product, you must first conduct research in order to ascertain if your product is needed and desired by enough people to make it worth developing. For this, you must conduct a market analysis. We have put together a list of simple steps to follow in order to help you get the most out of your marketing analysis.

Honing Your Sales Skills

It is hard to stay sharp in sales. Products are changing constantly and the company keeps making new policies on how to deal with customers and how much control you have over how the sales are made. That’s why you need constant training in the field.

Advantages of the Catalogs

One of the oldest and most relied upon methods of advertising besides word of mouth comes in the form of paper. Many people had thought that with the Internet becoming such a large advertising portal, catalogs would be going out of favor with businesses. However, the reverse has happened. What’s the lure of catalogs?

Customising Your Business Cards

Business cards are a reminder of your and your company long after you have met someone. These small pieces of paper can be very important marketing tools. Check out some helpful hints to make yours a success!

Capitalising on Employing a PR Firm

Acquiring the services of a good public relation firm can increase the chances of success for your business. Good PR firms are able to change the face of the company and sometimes resurrect the image of company who in the past has been shunned by the general public. Take a look at what they might be able to do for you!

Realizing Your Target Market

For every product that exists out there, there is a consumer. The only way you will know how to develop your product and how to sell it is by doing research of your target market. What do you need to know and what is the best way to go about finding the answers?

Email Marketing

Right now, the best way to market your product is on the Internet. Many companies are turning to emails instead of using telemarketing or direct mail in. What si the most effective way to utilize the emailing market?

Benefits of Advertising on the Internet

Internet users are rapidly growing each day. So its no surprise that advertising on the Internet has increased feverishly over the past few years. What makes online advertising so attractive? Find out!

Affordable Marketing

Marketing can be a drag on your budget and can take money away from other areas that need development. Here’s how you can save money while still getting your message out there!

Writing Online Classified Ads

Marketing can be a drag on your budget and can take money away from other areas that need development. Here’s how you can save money while still getting your message out there!

Designing Compelling Brochures

A company brochure in the hands of a perspective new client is a great way to draw attention to and market your business and its capabilities. In order to develop an effective brochure, you must...

Cheaper and Effective Ways of Advertising

With the cost of advertising on television and radio skyrocketing, a lot of businesses that cannot afford to designate large portions of their budget to advertising are looking at other options. Our search for cheaper but effective options has brought forth the following list of options...

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