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Strategic Merges

Survival of companies in today's world heavily relies on business alliances. Choices for types of alliances are many but you have to decide based on the kind of business you are in and whom you are marketing to. Learn what types of business alliances are available to you.

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Business Planning Mistakes

No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Keeping this in mind will help you make corrections whenever you make mistakes. Following are some mistakes that can be made while planning for your business…more

Building Useful Partnerships

An effective relationship should consist of both trust and benefits. Keeping in mind the length of this relationship, whether it is long term or short term, you need to consider the security issues involved...more

Fair Market Value of Your Business

To determine the worth of your business, fair market value, you have to deploy a couple of methods. These methods are the revenue method or income method and the property method or asset method. Find out how they work!...more

Accountability Issues with Making Alliances

Even after you have done all of your research and gone over the whole deal hundred times in your head, a wise business move would be to protect yourself against any factors that you may have overlooked when it comes time to forming an alliance with another company. What should a business do protect itself in the event that an alliance goes bad?

Keeping Up With Changes

These days, any companies that allow their think tanks to lie dormant for too long, especially in the age of dot com companies will find themselves either being downsized or closing their doors. How can you identify the opportunity for change within your business?

Strategic Partners

A strategic partner brings another brain to the table compared to a checkbook that most financial backers carry. The right partner should be looking to advance your company’s future. Think your company may be able to use one? Find out more here!

Creating an Effective Board

A young emerging company on the horizon is nothing more than a sitting duck for the big companies with years and years of experience in the market. What sets one young buck apart from the other is the board of directors that preside over it. But how do you build a successful board?

Making the Right Alliances

The biggest reason for a business alliance is the potential for growth within your company. A good alliance can bring you profits that you have never seen before. How do you know if an alliance is right for you?
Important Questions that Need to be Answered in a Business Plan

Before you share your business plan with perspective investors and such, you should make sure you have answered all the necessary questions that encompass a successful business plans. Here’s some you want to make sure you have not missed.

Penning a Winning Business Plan

A business plan introduces you to the world of investors or venture capitalists. Depending on the quality of the business plan and its presentation, the fate of your company is decided. Let us help make yours a success!